St. James Men’s Council Legacy Project

              St. James Presbyterian Church (USA) is truly grateful for your participation in our Legacy Project.  While the Men’s Council is leading this project, this is a project for the entire church and community.  All members are asked to purchase at least one paver for themselves, share this project with family and friends associated with the church, and consider purchasing pavers in memory of family members who were once here but who are now gone.  One (1) paver can be purchased for a donation of $65. When more than one paver is ordered by one person, the cost is $60 per paver.  Please remember that the funds from this project will support our building project while also allowing members of our church and community to LEAVE THEIR MARK IN A REAL AND CONCRETE WAY.
Below you will find an example of how to complete the order form for your paver.  Each paver will have a maximum of 3 lines of text with no more than 15 characters per line with spaces counting as a character.  Please place one (1) letter in each box, and PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY!  Order forms are available online at www.stjamesji.org and at the church.  If you need more forms, we will gladly get them to you!  Payments may be made through the weekly offering, online via the give tab on this website, the church app, OnRealm.

Tell us what you want on your paver!

3 line maximum, 15 characters per line, punctuation and spaces count as characters

After submitting your paver order form, you can pay by clicking the Give tab at the top of the page!